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By placing the roots of Afrikaans in all its forms in the limelight, the SBA strives to recognize the full spectrum of speakers and to expand language heritage in this way. This past month, this mission was our focus during International Indigenous People’s Day with our recently released book on the Strandlopers of the Cape Peninsula: The Lifestyle of Our Early People by Rachelle Greeff.

In an interview with Ivor Price during the book launch event on August 9, Rachelle Greeff describes her personal journey while writing The Lifestyle of Our Early People as one of the most enjoyable writing projects she has done in her 40 years as a report writer. However, she responded after the book launch: “The moment (yesterday) with the recording when I could not recall three Peninsula Khoi tribes, with whom I had been in bed for so many months now. Outrageous. Complete Emmental moment. Excuse me. The three tribes I tried to refer to are of course the Goringhaikona (from which the Strandlopers came), the Goringhaikwa and the Gorachoukwa. ”

Rachelle, widely known as a seasoned researcher and award-winning author, rightly mentions during the interview that creating such a work requires that you do an overwhelming amount of research so as to be able to reproduce only a snippet of it with integrity – something that for her is absolutely non-negotiable.

The way of life of our Early People invites the reader to step behind the Strandlopers of the Cape Peninsula to see how ingeniously they survived at the Cape of Storms. It was also Strandlopers, those in the vicinity of Milnerton Beach, who before the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck contributed to the shaping of Afrikaans, as we speak it today.

Marsanne Neethling, sign language interpreter at the launch event, Rachelle Greeff and interviewer Ivor Price after the online book launch .

The book, which is only available in digital format, forms part of a series of three books that focus on the heritage of our Early People. The Griqua is Still and Kalahari Truth , the first two books, are also available online for free – each with an audio version that can be found on the website as an audiobook.

The revamped version of The Lifestyle of Our Early People , with Zenobia Kloppers as reader, will soon be added to the website.

The writing of this history by the SBA is an outgrowth of the Stories project which, through authentic video material, tries to capture stories from bygone days in order to preserve cultural heritage for our descendants in this way. The books were commissioned by SBA chairperson Dr Sandra Prinsloo, who is also the project leader of the Stories project and found the stories captured during the video recordings so moving that she was the driving force behind the creation of this SBA project. Publications were.

If you missed Ivor Price’s conversation with Rachelle Greeff on August 9, feel free to listen here .

Digital reading corner without borders

The launch of the SBA’s digital reading corner at Artscape on Youth Day 2021 was truly a great step to enter the digital world. That was just the beginning. We are very excited to share now that this specially designed application, aimed at learners between the ages of 5 and 12, is no longer just limited to users who visit the reading corner at Artscape, but is available for free in Google Play Store. With the three story books of author Klavs Skovsholm as a basis – Robbie the Rough Rat, Fatima and Die Kokerboom – the application offers, among other things, the option to color in the pictures in each book digitally. The multilingual stories are also available as audiobooks and the story of Fatima is available as sign language video. Download SBA Reading in the app store and carry our stories in your pocket!

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