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A group of learners from Matjiesfontein primary school and madrassas of three Cape mosques were spoiled with a heritage excursion to Table Mountain.

The learners, in total 31, who were accompanied by their teachers, were the guests of honour at the Stigting vir Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans’s  (SBA) third animation launch.

Fatima, is one of SBA’s children’s books that is written by Danish writer,  Klavs Skovsholm. 

Martinus van Tee who drew the colouring pages for the book also developed the animation film.  

The children’s story is  a genuinely Bo-Kaap tale and tells the story of a Muslim girl who during an excursion to Table Mountain has her own adventure. 

The story also touches on an ancient story of a pirate, Van Hunks, who is said to have lived between Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak and loved smoking pipe.

Before the animation was played all the guests were first taken up Table Mountain with the cable car. “Look, there’s the soccer stadium! And Robben Island!” yelled some of the learners with excitement while others grabbed each other out of fear for the unknown ride.

When the cable car finally stopped on top of Table Mountain the expressions of fear became those of freedom and absolute joy.

On top of the mountain some of the SBA board members shared stories about the rich Table Mountain and Cape Town heritage with the learners.

Skovsholm flew especially from Denmark to attend the launch of the animated film.

Skovsholm says it is a huge privilege for him as a foreigner to  be in South Africa during Heritage Month and to be part of SBA’s  heritage celebrations.

“South Africa is world-renowned for the variety of people that live in the country.”

He says he is glad that he was given the opportunity to write Fatima.

“When I wrote the story I could never imagine that I’d one day stand on top of Table Mountain to watch the animated film about the story. This is an adventure for me.”

Fatima Allie, a former SBA board member, also addressed the learners. Allie explained the customary and cultural aspects of the Muslim religion that were told in the story.

The teachers thanked the SBA after the day was done.  “You have really made their day. Thanks for inviting us,” said Fatima Rose, a teacher at Siddique Afternoon Maddrassa in Elsies River.

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