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Manual Skill Project

The Stigting vir Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans (Foundation for Empowerment through Afrikaans), SBA has made an addition to its projects this year. The Manual Skill Project is a practical workshop where about 185 Northern Cape learners was taught to build a bird feeder by themselves and how to market it. The workshop exposed the learners to new opportunities and encouraged their entrepreneurial skills and develop their skills.

The schools who benefited from the project are Okiep High School, Garies High School and Nababeep High School. The grade 9 learners of the three schools completed a craft project during the day-long workshop and they will also receive lessons on how to market the final product on social media.

The technical portion of the project was managed by Ngwadi Molalatladi, trading as Northern Cape Arise. Melvina Mason-Engelbrecht, the chief executive of the company.

“We equipped children from the small towns with skills so that they can take accountability for their own prosperity. We also wanted to stimulate their brains so that they can think out of the box.”

According to Engelbrecht the aim of the project is to produce independent and sustainable young entrepreneurs who will be less dependent on others.

“Joblessness and poverty remain the order of the day in the rural areas. This wonderful initiative by the SBA teaches our children to catch the fishes themselves instead of receiving a fish. And that’s how they learn to be self-sustainable and operate their business.”

The second leg of the workshop which included social media activation, financial literacy and building of stakeholders’ relationships was presented by Labit.

Ian Swartz, the chief executive of Labit, says it was an absolute privilege to present this part of the project on behalf of the SBA. “It’s a huge opportunity for Labit to contribute something into the lives of young people by equipping them with basic entrepreneurial skills.”  

“The only way to address joblessness effectively and sustainably in South Africa and to make a difference is to activate and mobilise the youth. They are the answer and can be the difference.”

According to Swartz entrepreneurship brings the opportunity to every willing and studious individual to change their circumstances and future through hard work.

“We hope that this will possibly lead to more similar partnerships in the future.”

Dr Niel le Roux, the chief executive of the SBA, says the organisation is very excited about the project. “Any opportunity that can help with job creation now and in the future is an investment in South Africa’s progress.”

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