Die Gidshonde het die voorste sitplekke ingeneem

Guide dogs attend performance at Artscape

A diverse group of disabled people which is very restricted due to their disabilities and socio economic circumstances was Wednesday treated to a theatre performance at Artscape.

The initiative by Die Stigting vir Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans (SBA) was already taken in 2019 but could only be implemented this year due to Covid-19 regulations. In total 15 people on wheelchairs from the Bishop Lavis Rehabilitation Centre and their assistants and 22 visually impaired individuals, their guide dogs and companions watched Spertyd, which was performed by veteran actress, Sandra Prinsloo. Prinsloo is also the chairperson of the SBA.

People on wheelchairs and those with guide dogs waited in anticipation at the   Chandelier Foyer and Theatre Foyer Well. The atmosphere was filled with excitement.

Some of the guests had no prior theatre experience. Most of the guests who had seen a performance at Artscape noted that the “luxury of theatre” isn’t always easily accessible.

Dr Marlene le Roux, director of Artscape Theatre, and dr Niel le Roux, chief executive of the SBA welcomed the guests. “We are proud of the SBA which made it possible for you to be here today,” said Marlene before the performance.

Peter Rooy (62) from Bishop Lavis likes the theatre. Rooy is one of the patients at the Bishop Lavis Rehabilitation Centre.In 2013 he suffered a stroke and has since then had to make use of a wheelchair, or as he calls it, his 4×4. “I’m very grateful to the SBA for the opportunity to be able to come to the theatre again.”

After the performance, the attendees were visibly affected by the storyline and Prinsloo’s good acting. “It was brilliant! It was my first time at the theater, and I really enjoyed it,” said Jody Africa from Bishop Lavis.

Maatje Kloppers, an occupational therapist and manager at the centre, said it was a fantastic show. “It was a very nice opportunity for our patients to come out and be exposed to this culture.” Elna Durr, Rinette von Mollendorf, David Jacobs and Wentzell Barnard also saw the performance. Von Mollendorf has a guide dog named Lexis. Jacobs accompanied Durr (disabled) and Von Mollendorf to the show. “It was an incredible experience. The story line of the stage play was so relevant especially for today’s guests.”

Johan Pretorius, the provincial manager of DeafBlind SA praised SBA after the performance. “I can only put my hands together in amazement and gratefulness about SBA and Sandra’s theater presentation at Artscape! Everyone indeed enjoyed the excursion and theater experience – especially also all the guide dogs!”

Stephen Botha of Innovation for the Blind said he doesn’t have enough words to say thank you. “The corporation with the SBA still leaves me amazed. There is a surrender in the way this opportunity is created for people who are visually impaired and deaf blind which is very commendable.” Nuhraan Davids of the South African Guide Dogs Association for the blind also thanked the SBA. “Thank you for inviting our guide dog owners to the production. We have received a lot of good feedback. Our staff members who were also in attendance also enjoyed it very much.” The guide dogs that sat on the front seats were well-behaved.

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