Sba Contributes To The Science Development In The Karoo

A fresh addition to “Die Stigtiging vir Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans” (SBA )’s investment in education has, since 2017, focused on literacy within the sphere of science development.

A partnership with Stellenbosch University Department of Chemistry led to the annual presentation of a workshop for primary school science teachers in Afrikaans. This year’s workshop, hosted by the WCED, is hosted in Leeu Gamka and includes primary school teachers from 20 schools in the Karoo district – the SBA’s geographical focus area for projects in 2019.

The workshop emphasized the basics and simple chemical means that are easily available to everyone. Furthermore, it seeks to reveal the world of science and its integral practical nature to learners.

Dr. Rehana Malgas-Enus, affiliated with Department of Chemistry (US), will lead the practical day-long presentation specifically designed to add value within the context of the school curriculum. Each attendant will also receive a dedicated science mission worth R1 200 to take to school as an educational medium.

A high school laboratory workshop at the Stellenbosch Campus is also presented annually to SBA focus schools’ Grade 11 learners and matrics. This day-long workshop allows learners to experience the practical component of the school curriculum in a fully equipped laboratory. Earlier this year, this honor acclaimed learners from Zwartberg High School at Prince Albert and next year it will be Murraysburg High School’s turn.

Through the above projects, the SBA hopes to empower learners as well as teachers and ultimately recruit more potential students from remote areas for science.