SBA Celebrates World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated annually in South Africa on April 23 to enhance the wonderful value and contribution that stories bring to our society. In the spirit of this event, Die Stigtiging vir Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans (SBA) visited 7 primary schools on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 April – Langerugskool in Worcester, Ashton Primary School, Ashton Public Combined School, and H. Venter Primary in Ashton, Swellendam Primary School, Bontebok Primary and VRT Pitt Primary in Swellendam.

The SBA’s latest publication, Robbie die Rowwe Rot / Umabuzi Ogadalala, a combined Afrikaans / isiXhosa version that takes the form of a trendy cartoon adventure, is donated to nearly 900 Afrikaans and isiXhosa Grades 6 and 7 learners in the above mentioned environments. This real South African comic book deals with the unique adventures of Mitchell’s Plain rat. With the full-color scrolls filled with real cartoon-style illustrations by Isabelle Grobler, efforts are being made to expose learners to different genres of storytelling and reading-for-enjoyment, thus making a contribution to youth literacy development.
The original story comes from the pen of the Danish writer Klavs Skovsholm, who also sponsors the entire project, and has been adapted for the South African context by Shaka Septembir and Sivuyile Mazantsi.

* The SBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to contributing to functional literacy development through the transfer of knowledge, values ​​, and skills with a view to uniting a multilingual society.