Brugbou mentorship/ Building Bridges

The project focuses on the matriculant with university potential in mainly schools in rural areas. The project, which was started in 2015 with the support of the DagbreekTrust as launch programme, will be expanded to new focus areas over the next few years, namely the Hessequa and Cederberg regions. This year, 17 schools and about 80 students will be accommodated by this program.


Students who achieved an above average percentage at the end of grade 11, have the opportunity to attend a workshop that focuses on important aspects in preparation of university, like Social and Emotional Development, Body Language
Communication, Financial Literacy, Career Choices and Study Methods.


Career Orientation Sessions that focus on grade 11 students and subject choices which in turn focuses on grade 9 students, are offered as a part of the programme at the focus schools to cover the full spectrum of university preparation.

Individual mentor sessions are presented by experienced language mentors after completion of the workshop on a continuous base, and focuses especially on higher level language control in support of academic literacy.